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With bone health, you won’t have any physical symptoms or other indications if the condition of your bones starts to decline. That’s why many of our clients want to share their own personal experiences and the challenges they’ve overcome on their way to healthier bones, and bodies. As with many issues in health, the information we give each other is often as valuable as the guidance we get from our practitioners.

The following stories are true, told by real patients who often reveal intimate details about their lives in order to help others. In some cases, we have changed names and other identifying features to protect their privacy.

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My surgeon was thrilled (and surprised) When Joanne, 50, was hit by a car while riding her bike, she almost lost her leg to amputation. Even a year later, the fractured bones hadn’t healed substantially despite numerous surgeries. So she turned to the internet for advice and found the Center for Better Bones, and now her leg is healing with amazing speed.

“The Center for Better Bones is a Godsend.” After one hour on the phone with Dr. Brown, Linda knew she was working with a professional she could trust. Since that first conversation, Linda tells us she is learning every day and — for the first time since her diagnosis of low bone density — she feels optimistic about her health.

“I now know that I wasn’t in jeopardy of fracturing” A year ago, Marie came to the Center for Better Bones frightened by her doctor’s insistence that she start taking bone drugs for her osteopenia. She recently e-mailed Dr. Brown to tell her of 3 falls that had left her bruised, but otherwise unharmed — “living proof” that the Better Bones Program works!

More proof that your program works! On a vacation overseas, Janine took a bad fall in the bathtub that left her sore and shaken, but with no broken bones despite her osteoporosis — a fact she credits to the Better Bones Program.

“My second test showed better pictures this time — thanks to you.” Tricia felt she “flunked” her first bone test when the DEXA showed that she had osteoporosis. But she wasn’t willing to take the bone drugs her doctor offered, and she went looking for a natural alternative. She found the Better Bones Package and started an exercise routine — and a year later, e-mailed us to let us know that she was on her way to restoring her bone health.

“My bones started aching and I felt like an old person!” Rose was already on hormone therapy when she was diagnosed with osteoporosis. Her doctor put her on Fosamax, and then tried Actonel, both of which caused unpleasant side effects. Rose stopped taking hormones and began her own research to improve her health. She came across Dr. Brown’s book, Better Bones, Better Body, and then scheduled an appointment with Dr. Brown herself. Now, she is supporting her bone health naturally with diet and lifestyle changes that have made her feel better and more energetic.

“I like the natural way of doing anything. For me, it’s so much more effective.” Helen was diagnosed with osteopenia at age 50, following a routine bone scan post-hysterectomy. With plans to live to be a healthy 100-year-old, this schoolteacher wasn’t going to wait for the situation to worsen. She began working with Dr. Brown, and using a natural approach, including diet, exercise, and high-quality nutritional supplements, her bone loss has stabilized, she’s feeling great, and outpacing the younger teachers.

“My gut told me Fosamax was wrong.” Lee Anne, a registered nurse, considers herself a very healthy person overall, so she was upset when her gynecologist suggested she start taking Fosamax. Her local health food store recommended Dr. Brown’s book, so Lee Anne read it. She was “blown away” by its optimism and logical approach to bone health.

“Don’t be afraid to look at alternatives.” After being told by three different doctors that she needed Fosamax, Meghan, 63, knew it was time to find an alternative for her bones. She found Dr. Brown and worked on a plan to build back bone naturally. Not only has her DEXA scan improved, but Meghan feels much healthier overall! Here’s her story.

“I feel better today than I did when I was 21!” Sarah, 56, has a strong family history for osteoporosis, but she was still devastated when she found out she had osteopenia. After trying Actonel and experiencing several disturbing side effects, she found help with Dr. Brown, and now feels she finally has control over her health.

“If we treat our bodies well…” Maggie had a total hysterectomy at the age of 23. By the time she was 40, doctors told her she had the bones of a 72-year-old. After trying Fosamax and Actonel and reading about “dead jaw syndrome” she found Dr. Brown. Since working with Dr. Brown, Maggie has seen a significant improvement in her bones — without the use of prescription drugs.

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