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susanfoundationThe Better Bones Foundation, a nonprofit research and education organization, is funded through consulting, research and lecture services, the sale of our books and programs, and donations.

Your gift of any amount will help further our mission to research natural ways to promote better bones and a better body. For gifts of $100 or greater, we will send you an autographed copy of Dr. Brown’s groundbreaking book, Better Bones, Better Body.

Individuals, organizations, and corporations who would like to further contribute to our work and vision are invited to fully or partially sponsor an individual project of the Better Bones Foundation. These projects involve primary and secondary research efforts, lectures and educational events, and public awareness campaigns. Current projects in need of sponsorship include:

If you would like additional information on becoming a donor or are interested in collaborating in our bone health research and/or osteoporosis education efforts, please contact us at:

The Better Bones Foundation
605 Franklin Park Drive
East Syracuse NY 13057
Tel: (315) 432-1676 — Fax: (315) 432-9231

At the Better Bones Foundation we promote an all-natural approach to bone health based on the latest research and through consultation, education and outreach.

If you would like to help us further the work of the Better Bones Foundation, click here to make a donation. We are also happy to answer questions about Dr. Brown’s pioneering work in the field of bone health. Please call The Center for Better Bones today toll-free at 1-888-206-7119 to learn more.

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