susanfoundationVitamin K has long been used as a successful therapy for osteoporosis in Japan. In that country, a high-dose formulation of a synthetic form of vitamin K2 has been shown effective at significantly reducing the incidence of both hip and spinal fractures.

In the US, dietary vitamin K in nutritional doses is being increasingly recognized as one of the most underappreciated key bone-building nutrients. Several studies have linked higher vitamin K intake with increased bone mineral density. Further, in addition to its bone-building effects, vitamin K also plays a central role in the prevention of arterial calcification. It appears that, vitamin K works to attach calcium molecules to bone and to prevent calcium from accumulating in the arteries.

We at the Better Bones Foundation are especially interested in the bone-building potential of the natural K2 subforms of this nutrient, particularly the form known as MK-7. In nature, MK-7 is found in the Japanese fermented soy product known as natto, in various other fermented foods such as kimchee and sauerkraut, and in certain hard cheeses. In Japan, populations consuming regular amounts of natto experience better bone health, and it is likely that supplementation with natural MK-7 will bring similar benefits to Western populations. Currently Dr. Susan E. Brown, PhD, is developing research protocol to look at the impact of natural MK-7 on bone resorption among those experiencing high bone breakdown. We are also seeking funding to conduct a comprehensive scientific literature review and a comprehensive rethinking of the many roles of vitamin K in bone and systemic health.

At the Better Bones Foundation we promote an all-natural approach to bone health based on the latest research and through consultation, education and outreach.

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