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    Dr. Susan E. Brown, PhD, offers a comprehensive listing of bone health information and materials based on her 30 years of experience in bone health research and clinical practice, including her breakthrough bookBetter Bones, Better Body.


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    Taking Charge of Your Bone Health
    Here is Dr. Brown’s April 2, 2016 workshop entitled “Taking Charge of Your Bone Health.”
    If Low Calcium Is Not the Cause of Osteoporosis, What Is?
    Taking Charge: Building Better Bones and a Better Body
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    Osteoporosis in 2011: What’s New and Clinically Relevant
    Dr. Susan E. Brown, PhD, shares her most recent presentation regarding the new focus on fractures and real fracture risk, not bone mineral density.
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    In addition to the articles published on this site, Dr. Susan E. Brown, PhD, has published numerous journal articles, books, book chapters, and popular works on bone health and related topics.
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    Alkaline for Life® database
    Tremendous strides have been made by researchers in recent years in identifying the effects of acid-alkaline imbalance on human health. As a service to those interested in learning more about chronic low-grade metabolic acidosis, we have compiled a database of recent scholarly articles on this subject.
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    Lectures for healthcare professionals
    Dr. Susan E. Brown, PhD, often gives lectures for professional audiences. A listing of lecture topics is available here.

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