susanxrayYou’re ready for better bones and that’s why you’re here. No matter what your age, or stage of bone health, you’ve come to the right place. For over 20 years, we have been immersed in research and clinical practice focused on the safest, most effective methods to improve the strength and condition of your bones. This site has been designed to offer you the sum total of that work, and to allow easy access to our revolutionary, natural approach to optimal bone health.

So, how can Better Bones help you? Through our website, research foundation, events, guided at-home Programs, clinical practice, and publications, we help hundreds of thousands of people a year. Learn more about which of our offerings may be right for you.

The Women’s Health Network Better Bones Package

Dr. Brown’s innovative approach to maintaining, or regaining, bone health is now available at home. The Women’s Health Network Better Bones Package, designed especially for women. It includes the highest quality nutrients designed to regulate the body’s pH balance, a 30-day eating plan and recipes along with lifestyle changes that promote bone health, a pH kit to track your progress and more. It comes in three versions customized to your bone health goals. Best of all, it offers free phone and on-line support from real women, trained by Dr. Brown to give you the personal attention you deserve. The Women’s Health Network Better Bones Package may be right for you if you are looking for a natural way to take control of your bone health.

The Center for Better Bones

At the Center for Better Bones, Dr. Brown conducts in-depth bone health consultations with people from around the world who have come to her for direction. Whether you meet with her in person at the Center in East Syracuse, New York, or via telephone, Dr. Brown takes the time to complete a thorough evaluation regardless of where you fall on the bone health spectrum. Using test results, current bone health status, personal health risk analysis, and many other clinical tools, Dr. Brown develops a personalized plan of action, unique for each individual. Her recommendations are logical, easy-to-understand, and all-natural. A consultation with Dr. Brown may be right for you if you need intensive intervention or extra support and encouragement.

The Better Bones Foundation

Created in 1986, the Better Bones Foundation is deeply committed to the global development of programs which improve bone health naturally. This non-profit research organization is a well-recognized “think tank” which continually initiates exploration into methods for optimizing bone health, using natural means. The Foundation also conducts clinical trials and initiates public awareness campaigns. These initiatives spread the word about new research and how it should be interpreted in order to advance the cause of improving bone health status for the world’s populations. Dr. Brown’s motto is: better bones, better bodies. This holistic credo attracts professionals and clinicians who look to the Foundation for guidance in developing and implementing new lifestyle and nutritional therapies for bone health which also benefit the entire body.

Our Bone Building Products