Lee Anne, a registered nurse, considers herself a very healthy person overall, so she was upset when her gynecologist suggested she start taking Fosamax. Her local health food store recommended Dr. Brown’s book, so Lee Anne read it. She was “blown away” by its optimism and logical approach to bone health. After her appointment with Susan, Lee Anne is dedicated to following Dr. Brown’s advice for supplementation, basic nutrition, and lifestyle. Now, she wants to shout about how great she feels.

“When my gynecologist told me to take Fosamax, I was upset. I didn’t think I needed it. Number one, I’m healthy and active, and my gut told me Fosamax was wrong. I’m a registered nurse, although I didn’t know a lot about bone health and menopause at the time. It wasn’t until it personally touched me that I became interested in the subject.

“So I went into my local health food store and they recommended Dr. Brown’s book, Better Bones, Better Body. I read it and was blown away by it. It’s so optimistic and logical that I really connected with it. Then I called Susan for an appointment. She gave me more tests than my physician did — her thoroughness really gave credence to her approach. My physician did a bone x-ray, but Susan did a whole host of tests. I was impressed — and the tests were easy to do compared to going on a terrible drug with side effects.

“I was afraid about the diet. You have to do things in small increments because it’s overwhelming to make changes all at once. I did it in small ways. If you’re dedicated to reaching a goal, take it step by step. Just going on a diet was overwhelming for me (I have 4 kids and a husband…) but, all of a sudden as I reached menopause, I gained 20 pounds and was very dissatisfied. I joined Weight Watchers, lost the weight, and became very interested in diet and nutrition.

“I used to be a big carnivore, but now it is rare that I eat meat — and I love fruits and vegetables, and I take my supplements. I just am very dedicated to it. You can do it if you want to, and I really want to be healthy. I’ve promised my kids, ‘I’ll do everything I can to be with you as long as I can.’ Now we only eat organic and try to be really healthy. We’re a very healthy family. If you show your kids, they’ll listen to you. But if parents are drinking soda and eating processed food, their kids going to follow the same example. It’s an experiment that worked well with my kids.

“My husband is an OB/GYN. He’s a great doctor, but you know they’ve all been schooled in the same approach. Once he saw what went on with me, I don’t think he’d give anyone Fosamax now. He recommends that women read Dr. Brown’s book and sends them to her. And I tell everybody about her approach — I shout it from the rooftops. I’ve given 20 of Susan’s books out to women that I know. I say, ‘you don’t have to give this back, just read this book.’ The public doesn’t know these things, and if a doctor says, take Fosamax, most people take it. And they pay for it with their health. That’s the scary part — my health is the most important thing for me. I want to be alive for a long time, see my kids and grandkids, and be around and healthy for them.”

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