The Better Bones Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, public interest research and education organization dedicated to rethinking the nature, causes, prevention, and best treatment of osteoporosis. Firmly grounded in a unified anthropological perspective, the Better Bones Foundation is committed to the development of natural programs for the regeneration of bone health worldwide. It is directed by Susan E. Brown, PhD, CNS, medical anthropologist and certified clinical nutritionist.

With its commitment to working with nature to maximize bone health, The Better Bones Foundation dedicates itself to programs that build not only better bones, but better bodies as well. Thus we propose that every intervention or therapy to build bone health should also be good for the entire body.

The first endeavor of the Better Bones Foundation was to undertake a comprehensive rethinking of the true nature, causes, prevention, and best treatment of osteoporosis. To this end, ten years of research were dedicated to our first publication, Better Bones, Better Body: Beyond Estrogen and Calcium, A Comprehensive Self-Help Program for Preventing, Halting and Overcoming Osteoporosis. During this time we also co-authored a comprehensive text on natural remedies for menopause and beyond, The Mend Clinic Guide to Natural Medicine for Menopause and Beyond (Dell Publishing, 1997). More recently, in 2006 we completed a comprehensive guide to the impact of foods on acid-alkaline balance, (The Acid-Alkaline Food Guide “Square One Publishers, with Larry Trivieri, Jr.”). Also in 2006, Dr. Brown wrote a definitive chapter on bone nutrition for a new medical textbook edited by Ingrid Kohlstadt (Scientific Evidence for Musculoskeletal, Bariatric, and Sports Nutrition, Taylor & Francis).

The second phase of our work includes the implementation of clinical trials on natural programs to prevent, halt, and reverse osteoporosis. To date we have conducted several trials looking at the impact of key nutrient combinations on bone health. See our current research or completed research to learn more.

The third phase of our work involves wide public implementation of our successful clinical bone health regeneration program, known as the Women’s Health Network Personal Program for Better Bones. After years of research we now know how to prevent, halt, and often reverse osteoporosis naturally without medications. This stage of our work requires considerable public outreach in the form of books, brochures, booklets, lectures, press releases, and the like.

In its effort to expand awareness about the human potential for natural bone health and regeneration, the Better Bones Foundation welcomes contributions and collaboration from interested individuals and companies.

The Better Bones Foundation is located in East Syracuse, NY. If you would like more information or you are interested in collaborating in our research and/or educational efforts, please call our office at 315-432-1676.

Accomplishments by the Better Bones Foundation


Research and writing of a major trade book rethinking the nature, causes, prevention, and best treatment of osteoporosis — Better Bones, Better Body (Keats 1996, 2000). Publication of a second key bone health book — The Acid-Alkaline Food Guide (Square One Publishers 2006), with Larry Trivieri, Jr.


Development of the extensive, educational BBF website, This website offers our research and educational studies and reports.

The Better Bones Blog

Twice each month, Susan Brown’s blog, The Better Bones Blog, offers in-depth analysis of a single aspect of bone health. Topics analyzed will range from the new research on vitamin D and fracture reduction to the role of vitamin K in building bone strength. The Better Bones Blog is distributed to thousands of individuals and is often republished by various sectors.

Primary research

Over the years, Dr. Brown has conducted several clinical trials (pilot studies) on selected promising bone-building nutrient formulas. To learn more, see current bone research studies or completed bone health research.

Secondary research

Research on topics such as bone nutrition, acid-alkaline balance and bone, vitamin D, and the 20 key bone-building nutrients has gained BBF worldwide recognition. To learn more, see current bone research studies or completed bone health research.

Public bone health education

Through BBF, Dr. Brown has written and published dozens of articles for the public, and has given more than a hundred lectures, television, and radio performances in the US and abroad. Much of this material can be found at our website, In 2004, BBF began a vitamin D awareness project, and in 2006, a brochure series on “Rethinking Osteoporosis.”

Medical Professional Education

Dr. Brown has developed and delivered numerous continuing medical education courses for physicians and allied health professionals. A list of these can be found in our library section for health professionals.

At the Better Bones Foundation we promote an all-natural approach to bone health based on the latest research and through consultation, education and outreach.

If you would like to help us further the work of the Better Bones Foundation, click here to make a donation. We are also happy to answer questions about Dr. Brown’s pioneering work in the field of bone health. Please call The Center for Better Bones today toll-free at 1-888-206-7119 to learn more.

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