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Breaking new research from around the world indicates that obtaining the appropriate amount of vitamin D might well be the simplest and most cost-effective way to protect your bone health. New studies suggest that this optimal amount of vitamin D is much higher than the minimum levels needed to prevent patent vitamin D deficiency diseases. The same emerging body of research also documents widespread vitamin D inadequacy and deficiency.

Dr. Susan E. Brown, PhD, in collaboration with the Better Bones Foundation, is conducting a comprehensive Vitamin D Research and Awareness Project, Vitamin D: An old bone builder takes on new importance. In this important article Dr. Brown summarizes the new vitamin D research. Further, she details how and why you should have your own vitamin D level tested.

A second element in our current Vitamin D Research and Awareness Project concerns an ongoing meta-analysis of scientific studies on vitamin D and fracture reduction. The results of this meta-analysis were published in 2008, Vitamin D and fracture reduction: an evaluation of the existing research. By signing up for our Better Bones e-newsletter, you can receive immediate notification from the foundation when similar articles become available.

Currently the third element of the project concerns the preparation of additional reports documenting the importance of adequate vitamin D levels for the prevention of a variety of degenerative diseases, ranging from 16 types of cancer to diabetes, heart disease, depression, and autoimmune disease.

The fourth and final element of our Vitamin D Research and Awareness Project concerns raising public awareness by sponsoring and co-sponsoring conferences, workshops, and seminars on vitamin D. These educational initiatives have included sessions on the links between vitamin D and children’s health, vitamin D, and heart health, and most recently in 2008, a public event we co-sponsored in Syracuse, New York on “What you should know about vitamin D to prevent osteoprosis and hip fracture.”

At the Better Bones Foundation we promote an all-natural approach to bone health based on the latest research and through consultation, education and outreach.

If you would like to help us further the work of the Better Bones Foundation, click here to make a donation. We are also happy to answer questions about Dr. Brown’s pioneering work in the field of bone health. Please call The Center for Better Bones today toll-free at 1-888-206-7119 to learn more.

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