The Center for Better Bones is a Godsend – even at the steep entry price of a broken femur! It was the phrase ‘fracture healing’ in Google that led me to I immediately recognized the website as a wealth of solid, scientific information, well organized and clearly presented. I was eager to learn about Susan Brown, and what I learned made me want to talk to her. After one hour on the telephone, I recognize Dr. Brown as a professional I can trust, who sees the big picture and pays attention to the little details. She is encouraging, thorough, comprehensive and insightful. She’s ‘no nonsense’; she asks smart questions and I am confident she will guide me in seeking and interpreting the answers.

I ordered a book and the Ph kit. They came within two days. Better Bones, Better Body is outstanding, the best thing I have read on this subject. The Alkaline for Life kit is terrific – informative, concise, easy to use. And now, interesting emails pop into my box, like today’s about Vitamin K2-MK 7. It all adds up to an intelligent, proactive and practical approach to better bones – and better living. (How wonderful to regard the two as related – not disconnected – goals!)

Now I am learning every day – finding answers to questions I’ve long asked, as well as new ones I didn’t know to ask. I’m excited about the process, and eagerly doing my homework. I am actually optimistic for the first time since my original diagnosis of low bone density at age 52.

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