Recently, we got an e-mail message from Janine, a 71-year-old woman who was diagnosed with osteoporosis 10 years ago. Janine had read about Dr. Brown’s fall from a ladder this autumn, and wanted to relay a story about a similar experience she’d had. Here’s what she told us.

“I haven’t shared my story with anyone, but your story prompts me to tell you about a fall I had when we were in Turkey in May of this year [2010].”

“I got up about three in the morning to use the bathroom, and apparently was a bit disoriented in our hotel room. We hadn’t left a light on in the bathroom, but I mentally pictured the configuration of the bathroom. As I pushed the door fully open, I apparently lost my balance and fell into the bath tub! I landed on my back, avoided hitting my head, but was temporarily wedged in the tub with my legs elevated. I called to my husband to help me but was able to extricate myself before he arrived to assist me.”

Although she had taken a hard fall and was shaken up, Janine had no broken bones at all — despite her osteoporosis. “I had really sore ribs, back and hips for 6 weeks,” she told us in her e-mail. Since falls like this are a primary reason that people with osteoporosis break bones, Janine is thankful she found Dr. Brown’s Better Bones Program. “I know my diet, exercise and supplements protected me from further injuries,” she said, adding that her fall, like Dr. Brown’s, was “more proof that your program works!”

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