We received the following e-mail from Joanne, a 50-year-old client of Dr. Brown’s who’d had multiple surgeries to repair a leg so badly injured in an accident, it had almost been amputated. Her dramatic story ends happily — but we’ll let you hear it in her own words:

“I came to Dr. Brown through the internet, many months after having been hit by a car on my bike. My leg had been badly broken in several places, and a year later I still had complete “nonunion” of the tibia and fibula. Betterbones.com was the only nutritionally based service for supporting bone rebuilding that I could find, and so I began phone consultations with Dr. Brown. With a solid footing in research evidence, she assessed my particular situation and guided me in adding specific bone-building supplements as well as making dietary adjustments and including complementary treatments.

“I recently had a surgical follow-up to my sixth round of orthopedic surgery, and at six months the bones are substantially healed. My surgeon was thrilled (and surprised!), and of course, I am ecstatic. (I came very close to having my leg amputated.) I have no doubt that Dr. Brown’s work in the background helped with my phenomenal healing success. I should mention that I am 50 years old, and that long-term unhealed bone injuries, as well as ones that are distal (i.e., in the lower extremities), are notoriously hard to heal.

“Thank you, Dr. Brown!”

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