An important part of our mission at Better Bones is to share the new insights and perspectives we gain from our clinical and secondary research with health professionals and the interested public. To this end, our director at The Better Bones Foundation, Dr. Susan E. Brown, PhD offers a range of educational services for health professionals and other interested parties. These take the form of informative, motivational presentations for the public; science-based, substance-laden presentations for the continuing education of health professionals; and continuing medical education (CME) modules for ongoing accreditation of health professionals.

Dr. Brown’s calendar

Click here for Dr. Brown’s calendar of upcoming events.

Lectures for professionals

In the past two decades, Dr. Brown has had the pleasure of addressing professional, academic, and lay audiences in various cities in the United States, Canada, and Brazil. Her lecture topics range from “Building bone strength at any age” and “Rethinking osteoporosis” to “Anthropological insights into strategies for improving women’s health.”  The following is a sampling of the lecture topics Dr. Brown frequently presents to professional and academic audiences — a full lecture list and additional information can be found by clicking here for bone health lectures for professionals:

  • Better Bones, Better Body: non-pharmacologic approaches to osteoporosis
  • Advances in the treatment and reversal of osteoporosis
  • A novel approval to halting and reversing osteoporosis
  • Reclaiming natural menopausal well-being
  • Better Bones, Better Body: beyond estrogen and calcium

(For sample topics of interest to the lay public, see the list of commonly requestedpublic lectures.)

Medical professional training (Continuing Medical Education — CME)

Dr. Brown currently offers a range of CME courses to medical professionals. Here are some of the topics covered — click through for descriptions and additional information:

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