“I first heard about Dr. Brown when she was interviewed on a radio show. As a result, I bought her book Better Bones Better Body. I was totally fascinated by the way she approached bone health from a natural point of view, rather than just putting you on a prescription.

“I had had a hysterectomy and started taking compounded estrogen. Right after the hysterectomy I had a bone scan for a baseline. The scan came back on the wrong side of good. It wasn’t horrible, but it was osteopenia. I was 50 years old and I wanted to be proactive, rather than reactive. So I told my doctor this and asked him about going to see Dr. Brown. He thought it was a great idea because he knew she’s on the cutting edge of bone health.

“A natural approach is important to me. I read the newspaper and it said, ‘People have been taking such-and-such a drug for ten years and now we realize it’s killing them.’ I’m my mother’s daughter. My parents’ approach was to try to do it without medicine first — not that there isn’t a role for medicine, but trying it naturally first comes naturally to us.

“When I first bought Dr. Brown’s book I thought: This is overwhelming, where can I find the right supplements? Do I have to take them all? Which calcium do I buy? There are 20 at the store! But she is a brilliant woman, very bright, and understands what high quality really means. I trust her, and I think it’s important to focus on the quality of your vitamins, to know the source, and to trust that source. It’s frustrating too because vitamins aren’t FDA-regulated, so anybody can make a vitamin. I like having Dr. Brown as a backup so I know that what I’m getting is quality. She is a trusted source.

“I certainly am a believer in Dr. Brown’s approach. What she espouses works. For the most part I have good energy, and I attribute that to the vitamins. I think some of it has to do with my diet, too. I do a 5:00 PM detention at school two nights a week. While the younger teachers say, ’Oh, I’m so glad I’m not you — I’m so tired,” I’m thinking, ‘Gee, I have plenty of energy!’

“Since working with Dr. Brown, my bone scans have improved considerably, and bone loss has been stabilized, too. Going to the gym and doing weight-bearing exercises has played a part in this improvement. Dr. Brown would say that, too. But the quality of the vitamins is huge.

“I’m a healthy person. I talk to friends who are my age — one has had a knee replacement, another a heart attack — and I think, My goodness, these people are my age. I really don’t have health issues, and hopefully that will continue. I try to be proactive so there won’t be a problem. One of the reasons I go to Dr. Brown is because my goal is to live to be 100 and healthy.

“I wish I could do more to convince people to do this. People need to know about Dr. Brown and her approach. I’m always preaching this. I just think she’s on track for the way things should be. My gynecologist thinks the world of her, and I like the nutritional approach and natural way of doing anything. For me, it’s so much more effective — and free of unwanted side effects!”

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