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susanfoundationThe Better Bones Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt advocacy, research, and education organization founded in 1986. The Foundation is committed to the mission of rethinking the nature and causes of osteoporosis, and with this new understanding to develop natural, life-supporting programs for building, maintaining, and regenerating bone health at all ages.

Located in East Syracuse, NY, the Better Bones Foundation was founded and is directed by Dr. Susan E. Brown PhD, CCN, a medical anthropologist and certified clinical nutritionist. The Better Bones Foundation actively seeks collaboration with other individuals, institutions, charities, and businesses committed to public-interest health research, education, and advocacy. Funding for the basic overhead and maintenance of this public-interest 501(c)(3) corporation is generated from the sales of our book, Better Bones, Better Body (Keats 2000), our articles, and from distribution of the Women’s Health Network Better Bones Package.

Each of our research, education, and advocacy programs is funded on a project-by-project basis by individuals, organizations, charities, and commercial concerns that share our commitment to exploring the full human potential for bone health maintenance and regeneration. At this time we are seeking project funding for fiscal year 2009–2010 on.

In conjunction with the Better Bones Foundation, Dr. Brown conducts research and clinical pilot studies designed to explore the nutritional and lifestyle factors influencing bone health. Another large segment of research conducted at the Better Bones Foundation focuses on acid-alkaline balance and bone. The Better Bones Foundation is interested in further identifying the role that the body’s requirement for acid-alkaline balance plays in bone health and, conversely, the role that bone plays in the all-important maintenance of internal acid-alkaline balance.

Current additional areas of research at the foundation involve rethinking the impact of, and requirements for vitamin D; research into the pediatric origins of osteoporosis; and research into fracture reduction and special nutrient needs of the elderly. Currently we are soliciting funding for these and other important education projects.

If you are interested in helping us fund, or have ideas on how we might fund any of our current osteoporosis research, please see our section on supporting the Better Bones Foundation.

Current bone health and osteoporosis research projects

Toxic Metal and Bone Strength
A wide variety of toxicants have negative effects on bone health. And we are exposed to many of these toxins on a daily basis. Within this research project,  Dr. Brown investigates the impacts of heavy metals on bone health and osteoporosis and she offers a “Better Bones Action Program for Assessing and Managing Toxic Metals.” Selected findings from this research project are presented in Dr. Brown’s Progressive Medical Education webinar of Feb. 15, 2016 entitled “Osteoporosis and Toxicant Exposure: Assessment and Management.”

The Children’s Bone Health Initiative

We are currently in the developmental stages and soliciting funds for an important public awareness campaign focused on children’s bone health. For more details on this important public awareness project and to review our request for project funding, see the Children’s Bone Health Initiative.

Fracture reduction and special nutrient needs of the elderly

To read more about the secondary research being conducted at the Better Bones Foundation on this important topic, see our project description: Geriatric fracture reduction and the special nutrient needs of the elderly.

Key bone-building nutrient research

Recently the Better Bones Foundation has recognized the need for comprehensive rethinking and raising public awareness about the bone health importance of two key nutrients. These nutrients are vitamin D and vitamin K. There is new, little-known research breaking on both these vitamins that stands to alter the way we treat and prevent osteoporosis.

To read more about our research initiatives on these bone-critical nutrients, see the following:

To read more about the work done through the Better Bones Foundation in the past, see our section on completed research initiatives.

At the Better Bones Foundation we promote an all-natural approach to bone health based on the latest research and through consultation, education and outreach.

If you would like to help us further the work of the Better Bones Foundation, click here to make a donation. We are also happy to answer questions about Dr. Brown’s pioneering work in the field of bone health. Please call The Center for Better Bones today toll-free at 1-888-206-7119 to learn more.

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