Tricia, in her 60’s, had her first bone density test two years ago — and as she put it, she “flunked”! She was told she had osteoporosis and advised to take a prescription bone drug. This didn’t sit well with her at all, so she went on the internet to see if she could find an alternative. She found the Better Bones Package and joined. She also signed up for a membership at Gold’s Gym and bought an OsteoBall for use at home, determined to build her bones by combining regular exercise in conjunction with the nutritional support provided by her Program.

Recently, we had an e-mail from Tricia telling us what a year on the Women’s Health Network Package for Better Bones had done for her — and the news was wonderful! Tricia said, “My second test, a year after the one I flunked, showed better pictures this time — thanks to you.” Her scan showed that she had built enough bone to have moved out of the osteoporosis range and into what’s considered osteopenia. Even her doctor has learned a thing or two — instead of urging prescription medications on her, he is now telling her to take plenty of calcium, vitamin D, and exercise. Tricia knows she’s doing all that and more.

“Cheers to Better Bones!” says Tricia — and we couldn’t agree more!

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