Best joint support: Antioxidants and specialized ingredients

Have you ever had pain in your hip, knee, back or wrist and wondered where the problem was coming from?

When many of my clients come to see me about their bones, we often discover the issue is really with their joints. Unfortunately, both bone loss and joint pain are more common among women, especially as we age.

I’ve known for years that the processes for successfully repairing bone and joint tissue have a lot in common, especially when the cause of pain and discomfort is inflammation. Many conventional practitioners say there’s not much to be done for joint issues other to wait until you have to resort to drastic measures like joint replacement.

However, there are natural solutions that are highly effective for improving and supporting joint health in women. Just as it is with bone health, getting the right amount of key nutrients and specialized ingredients is critical to the health of your joints. Below are some of the most powerful:




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