Can hidden celiac disease cause osteoporosis?

Hidden celiac disease and osteoporosis: Learning from Judy

Judy had never even heard of celiac disease when she was told she had extremely severe osteoporosis in 2009. She was 57, underweight and suffered from excessive and life-limiting fatigue, but had no digestive symptoms to suggest a hidden problem was lurking to cause her bone loss.

Frightened by the diagnosis, Judy tried two bone drugs for a few months, but felt much worse on one and quickly stopped the other due to tiresome daily injections and scary side effect warnings. Judy decided that bone drugs weren’t for her; she began researching natural approaches, and that’s how she found the Better Bones program. She started my Better Bones Builder supplement, developed an alkaline diet and began walking.

Despite her good efforts, Judy’s fatigue persisted. Finally, during her annual physical in 2011, Judy discovered she had celiac disease — an autoimmune disorder in which exposure to gluten (a protein in wheat, rye and other grains) leads the immune system to damage the intestinal tract, causing malabsorption. Although she had no digestive problems or other symptoms, her blood work showed her to be extremely iron deficient. She wasn’t losing iron through an intestinal bleed, so a thoughtful physician decided to test her for celiac, which often leads to malabsorption of iron and other nutrients. The blood test for celiac was positive, as was a follow-up intestinal biopsy.

All excessive bone loss has a reason

Shortly after her physical, she began her gluten-free diet in combination with iron infusions for her anemia and the life-supporting nutrients in the Better Bones Builder. Within weeks, she began to feel and look better, regaining both energy and weight. Even more important: Over the next 8 years, Judy’s bone mass increased by a remarkable 20% — and this was between the ages of 57 and 65, when most women expect to lose bone.

In short, the key factor to restoring her bones was uncovering that she had celiac disease. Using that information as incentive, she initiated a gluten-free yet alkalizing diet and incorporated our targeted nutrient supplementation and lifestyle suggestions to gain back her health, vitality, and bone. She’s an inspiration and a reminder of something I tell all my clients:  all excessive bone loss has a reason, and at any point in life we can start regaining bone strength!

For more information see my DVD, Uncovering the Hidden Causes of Bone Loss.

A message from Judy

“I would like to thank Dr. Brown for all the research she has done on osteoporosis. Because I found her website my life has changed.

“I began using the Better Bones Builder in 2009 after I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis. Along with taking the Better Bones Builder I tried to eat better, alkalize and walk at least 3 times a week and doing this I have had significant improvement in my bones.

“Every time I have had a DEXA scan since my first one in 2009 I have experienced improvement in bone density. My gains in bone density and in overall well being were especially dramatic after detection of and treatment for hidden celiac disease in the fall of 2011. In particular, between 2014 and 2016 there was a 13.7% improvement in my hip and a 6.4% gain in my spine.

“I think this is very impressive and I will continue to take the Better Bones Builder and do the other parts of the Better Bones program. Thanks to Dr. Brown, I feel that I am not forced to take bone drugs that harm the body.”

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