Tips for keeping bone while losing weight


Do you know that as you lose unwanted weight you also lose wanted muscle and bone?

4 simple steps  to preserve both bone and muscle while losing unwanted body fat

  • Maintain an alkaline balance. Most weight loss programs are acid-forming and drain both bone and muscle of alkalinizing mineral compounds. To counter this, increase your intake of low- calorie alkalizing vegetables. Eating two cups of vegetables at each meal is a good start, as is drinking lemon water and using ginger or green tea and spicy foods to alkalize, detoxify and speed-up metabolism. Here are more ideas to alkalize.
  • Consume adequate protein. A higher protein diet can help preserve muscle while you lose weight. Your body needs protein and only excess protein is acid-forming. If you find that your first morning urine pH is below 6.5 then add more alkalizing foods and use alkalizing mineral compounds such as found in my Better Bones Builder multi-vitamin/mineral.
  • Use your muscles more. To lose fat and build muscle we must reduce caloric intake while showing the body we need new, stronger muscles. Increasing exercise signals the body to burn calories and ramp-up energy production to build new muscle. Do at least one half hour of aerobic and one half hour of strength training exercises every day.
  • Steady your intake of all bone building nutrients. Cutting calories reduces the intake of essential bone building nutrients. That’s why supplementation with adequate doses of all the 20 plus key bone nutrients is essential. Both precious bone minerals and living bone protein matrix will be lost right along with the unwanted weight unless the body is provided with full spectrum, adequate dose nutrient supplementation.

Remember, the human body is one y interwoven, indivisible unit and any change made in that unit is felt everywhere. With smart changes, you can lose weight along with have a better body and better bones. Good luck!

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