Better Bones Better Body retreat

Our Inspiring “Love Your Bones, Love Your Body Retreat”

Oh what fun, and what inspiration!

We here at Better Bones were delighted with our first-ever “Love Your Bones, Love Your Body” retreat. This amazing four-day event was fun, educational and motivational. I was thrilled that 21 highly motivated women from around the United States and even England joined us in Myrtle Beach to seek better bone health. Each one shared our passion for getting to the root of any bone weakness, building bone strength naturally and creating a loving, healing community.

Some in the group had actually already built substantial bone density by simply learning from my books and blogs and using our Better Bones Builder multi-nutrient supplement. These women attended the Retreat to learn more and advance their personal bone-building programs.

Others in the group were new to the Better Bones, Better Body® Program approach; however, they were committed to exploring the best possible natural ways to build bone strength. For some, the path to Better Bones would be simple—nutritional supplementation, pH balancing, and exercise.

Still others realized that their bone health is likely burdened by hidden medical factors. Empowered by the Love Your Bones retreat, these women were now prepared to explore hidden medical causes of bone weakening, to work with their doctors, and even teach their doctors if necessary. Hear from attendees Jan and Nan about their retreat experiences.

Taking charge of our skeletal health

Every time we step up to the plate and take responsibility for what is happening in our bodies, we enrich our own life and add to the rising global tide of health awareness.  I am reminded of Margaret Mead’s comment, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

All of us in the Better Bones, Better Body community are making a difference, creating an overdue shift in how women’s bone health issues are viewed, evaluated, and treated. The women joining us in Myrtle Beach stood up to take charge of their skeletal health. I was inspired and uplifted by each of them.

Here at the Center for Better Bones, we work toward the day when every interested woman has the information she needs to empower her to take charge of her bone health. The “Love Your Bones, Love Your Body Retreat” was an important step towards fulfillment of this goal; a new wave of natural bone health awareness is spreading throughout the U.S. and even into Europe as these women return home to share what they learned during their four days with us.

Join us!

If you are interested in this more personalized group approach to fortifying your personal Better Bones program know that will be doing more retreats, like our next retreat this coming fall in Sedona, Arizona!  Perhaps even more relevant to many of you, this summer we are launching our first online, empowering Better Bones, Better Body® course.

In the meantime, we will continue to teach the new science of natural bone health through our weekly blogs, our Facebook page and YouTube videos. I hope you’ll share what you are learning with others thus adding to the vision we have for a radical transformation of women’s skeletal healthcare.

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