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Lessons from our latest retreat — why rest and rejeuvenation matter

Our Better Bones team recently flew back from our second Love Your Bones, Love Your Life Retreat in Sedona, Arizona. We return to our work with renewed vigor for empowering women to take charge of their bone health and total mind-body-spirit health. Each of us took so much home from the Love Your Bones Retreat. We hope that our reflections on the retreat inspire you to carve out more “rest and digest” respite time of your own.

Why retreat?

More than any other time in history, we are subject to an ever expanding world of new information, enticing online courses, colorful videos on any topic under the sun, new “must have” products, novel technologies we never imagined— all coming at us at “hyper speed.”

Even in our world of natural bone health, there is a rapid stream of innovative research, analyses and exciting ideas about how to prevent osteoporosis and build lifelong bone strength — ideas and perspectives your grandparents could not even imagine.

It’s a time of overwhelming abundance. In so many ways, this is a great thing. But amid this flood of information and activity, most of us have reached a point where we need to take a few deep breaths, sit back and make time to “rest and digest” the ever-expanding world around us.

We all know that an occasional “retreat” from everyday activities and a change of scenery for a few days leaves us feeling more rested and rejuvenated. Even more, we have found that retreating is key for recharging our ability to reach our health goals.

Our three ingredients for restful and inspiring retreat are simple but powerful.

  • A focused learning experience to allow for deep learning and reflection.
  • A lovely and nurturing setting to inspire our sense of wonder and calm the mind.
  • The company of fascinating like-minded women to learn from and motivate one another.

Reflecting on the Love Your Bones Retreat

Coming home from the Love Your Bones Retreat, each of us — myself included — came back basking in the glow of our newly formed friendships and expanded Better Bones community. The lessons we learned will last a lifetime — and we’d like to share some of them with you

An expansion of joy

The word that best summarizes my feelings from the Sedona Love Your Bones, Love Your Life Retreat is expansion —expansion of our capacity to joyfully share the cutting-edge Better Bones, Better Body®perspectives and expansion of our participants’ capacity to understand and joyfully implement our time-tested program. The retreat was such a beautiful and uplifting experience for all of us, attendees and teachers alike.What a joy to be with such an amazing group of powerful, like-minded women — each and every one on their own path to creating greater health, abundant  happiness and a peaceful world!

– Dr. Susan Brown, Director


Smart and empowered friends for life 

Leading up to the Sedona Love Your Bones Retreat the office was abuzz with preparation. Did we remember to pack everything? Were the medical charts & reports Dr. Brown prepared included in the manuals? Would everyone like the gift bags? So many details go into preparing these retreats and we want everyone to have such a lovely time that sometimes we forget our own advice … to breathe and find the flow.

Once arriving at Sedona Mago, I knew everything was going to be splendid as soon as I started greeting our retreat guests. What an incredible group of smart, empowered and motivated women! Over the course of the four days, I got to know all of the women and hear their stories of why they had been attracted to this retreat. There were so many different situations and levels of bone loss, but one common theme was that they all wanted to make a change NOW.  

As the retreat ended and my 20 new friends prepared to return to their homes, my brain was already working on how we could do this again! It was such a rich experience for all who attended and our entire staff. These retreats are the highlight of my working year and I hope to meet one of you at our next Love Your Bones, Love Your Life Retreat!

– Jean Marie Russo, Business Director


Finding a sisterhood of support and caring

There were so many magical moments from the Sedona Love Your Bones Retreat. I find it such an honor to bring together a group of women from different geographical locations and walks of life. Initially, they simply share the common bond of a concern for optimum bone health. By the end of the retreat, however, you see a bond and sisterhood of support and caring. It is so great to be part of creating community with all of these amazing women.

I had the wonderful opportunity to lead two yoga workshops during the retreat and it’s always so interesting to hear the feedback after these yoga workshops. Many of the women had never tried yoga, and some were even fearful they would do damage or injure themselves. Many were riddled with fear and unknowing. After the yoga workshops, however, the women shared how good they felt and how much they enjoyed the experience and many looked forward to continuing bringing yoga into their daily life. 

– Gina Galli, Client Service Manager and Exercise Evolution Co-Creator


Inspiration and amazing energy

I’ve been working with Dr. Brown and the Center for Better Bones for a year and a half now and the Love Your Bones Love Your Life Retreat in Sedona was my second retreat. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to take part in this retreat, helping Dr. Brown and the staff bring the best bone content and inspiration to this wonderful group of women. As a young woman, it was so inspiring to see a group of such accomplished and motivated women come to Sedona to take charge of their health. It was such an empowering weekend! The beautiful scenery and the spiritual nature of the environment created an amazing energy between us all and by the end of the weekend it felt like we were a family!  I am so grateful to have taken part in this experience and am confident that we will all keep in touch in the future.

– Alyssa Levengood, Curriculum Development Manager


We hope that you join at our next Love Your Bones, Love Your Life Retreat, this May in the scenic mountains of Northern Pennsylvania. In the meantime,each of us sends you our very best wishes for life-long bone strength and abundant body-mind-spirit health.

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