Worried about osteoporosis? Read Gillian Sanson’s book

Imagine how New Zealander Gillian Sanson felt when her 16-year-old daughter was diagnosed with osteoporosis—and then it was uncovered that 6 of 9 close family members of all ages also had osteoporosis as diagnosed by bone density testing.

Initially devastated, this journalist and women’s health educator took the proverbial bull by the horns and immersed herself into a comprehensive rethinking of osteoporosis.

Sanson bookI find her book, The Myth of Osteoporosis, a must-read for any healthy person who has spent more than one minute worrying about their bones.

Analyzing the scientific research, Gillian uncovers and debunks various major myths about osteoporosis — and she does this with real science. Her analysis is exquisite and her documentation flawless. The myths she busts include:

• The myth that all postmenopausal women are at risk for osteoporosis

• The myth that bone mineral density testing is accurate, reliable, and meaningful

• The myth that age-related bone loss is the cause of deadly fractures in the elderly

• The myth that high calcium intake alone prevents osteoporosis

• The myth that bone drugs are highly effective and safe

“Knowledge has organizing power” so the ancients said. This, the new second edition of Gillian Sanson’s The Myth of Osteoporosis, is a work of knowledge and empowerment.

Take heart and take action — read the book. Dial down your worry index and ratchet up your knowledge base! The Myth of Osteoporosis is available on our website and all proceeds from its sale are donated to our non-profit research arm, The Better Bones Foundation.


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