Bone health in 2012: My top five wishes

Happy 2012! It’s time for my annual wish list for bone health in the coming year. And this time, I’m also including a suggestion — or two — along with each wish — that can serve as a little push for its fulfillment. After all, our wisdom and our collective focus can actually make wishes come true — especially important to remember in an area as essential as bone health!

My 2012 wish list:

1. 2012 will herald a new age of partnership between physicians and their patients. Physicians will partner with each individual woman to develop a unique bone strengthening program appropriate for that woman and the way she lives.

And just in case this wish needs a little push… If your healthcare provider thinks that your bone health situation is serious enough to warrant use of a bone drug, then we know it’s serious enough to warrant a full medical workup looking for the hidden causes of bone loss. Take my osteoporosis medical workup recommendations to your doctor and say you also are concerned about your bone health and would like these tests to look for possible causes of osteoporosis.

2. Everyone will be tested for vitamin D adequacy. It will be widely recognized that as many as half of all osteoporotic fractures could be prevented by maintaining a minimum 32 ng blood level of vitamin D. This awareness will inspire universal vitamin D testing.

And just in case this wish needs a little push… If you can’t obtain vitamin D testing from your healthcare provider, you can order an at-home vitamin D test online from public interest groups such as the Vitamin D Council and Grassroots Health.

3. Everyone who experiences a fracture that occurs without great trauma will take the hint from nature and get serious about implementing my Better Bones approach.

And just in case this wish needs a little push … Make it a New Year’s resolution to spend some time reading my articles on Better You will see that our Better Bones Package offers a life-supporting approach that fortifies bone while it strengthens your entire body. Even if you feel your fracture was due to trauma, you will be inspired to further strengthen your bone by joining us in our natural Better Bones Revolution.

4. The “Alkaline for Life” concept will become a household saying and even restaurants will offer alkalizing meal alternatives.

And just in case this wish needs a little push… Make it another of your New Year’s resolutions to include two cups of vegetables for lunch and dinner, use more spices and herbs, consume two or three fruits a day and reduce your intake of excess protein, caffeine, sugar, alcohol and processed foods. And explore these alkalizing menu possibilities.

5. Chronic stress, excessive worry, and fear will become recognized as key emotions that disrupt neuroendocrine functioning and weaken bone.Meditation, stress reduction techniques, and mindful exercises such as yoga, tai chi, and qigong will become essential elements of all osteoporosis prevention and treatment programs.

And just in case you get this message before the insurance companies do… Commit yourself to creating peace and inner quiet on a daily basis. Take 10-15 minutes a day, close your eyes and just relax. Notice your breath and entertain the idea that all is well, even amid any turmoil in the present moment.

Let’s make all of our wishes come true in 2012!


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