Calcium rich foods

Best Food Sources of Calcium

Best Food Sources of Calcium

Calcium is an important bone builder. The current government recommended adequate intake for adults is between 1,000 and 1,200 mg/day.


Portion size

Calcium (mg)

Green Leafy Vegetables

* (fresh cooked)

Bok Choy1 cup74
Broccoli1 cup140
Collards1 cup300
Dandelion greens1 cup252
Kale1 cup160
Mustard greens1 cup193
Turnip greens1 cup252
Dried Beans (cooked)
Black beans1 cup70
Green beans1 cup62
Kidney beans1 cup70
Lima beans1 cup60
Navy beans1 cup95
Soy beans1 cup131
Haddock3 oz26
Kelp1 tbsp155
Nori3.5 oz260
Oysters3 oz106
Pink Salmon with bones3 oz167
Sardines with bones3 oz372
Scallops10 pcs280
Shrimp3 oz74
Buttermilk1 cup288
Cheddar cheese2 oz408
Cottage cheese (full fat)1 cup126
Human milk80
Milk, skim1 cup296
Milk, whole1 cup288
Monterey Jack cheese2 oz424
Yogurt (low fat)8 oz245
Yogurt (whole milk)8 oz212
Other good calcium sources
Blackstrap molasses1 tbsp137

** (thigh bones of chicken, marrow)

Carrots1 cup51
Okra1 cup147
Soy milk1 cup50
Tofu3.5 oz128

*Green leafy vegetables that contain oxalic acid should not be considered good calcium foods, even though they might contain large amounts of calcium. The oxalic acid in vegetables such as spinach, parsley, beet greens, and purslane limits the calcium absorption from these foods.
**Bones must be well-cooked to extract calcium.

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