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susanconsultsA personal consultation with me will help you achieve your health goals, specifically to build bone strength and to maximize overall health. Virtually anyone in any part of the world can work with me to develop their own plan in either a face-to-face consultation in East Syracuse, NY, or from a distance over the phone or with Skype.

During your consult, I will help you sort fact from fiction regarding your bone health. We will explore many questions including:

  • What is the pattern of your bone loss? Is it “normal” or “excessive”?
  • What is your true current bone status? To what degree are you now losing bone, or was this loss in the past?
  • What is your real fracture risk at this time in your life?
  • What could be the causes of excessive bone loss or bone weakening?
  • Are there hidden causes of bone weakening? Do you need to ask your doctor for additional tests to identify possible hidden causes of bone loss?
  • The pros and cons of bone drugs—Is an osteoporosis drug appropriate for you?
  • What are your long term health goals?
  • What is keeping you from moving towards your goals?

I employ three important steps to create a program that’s right for you.

First, I will strive to understand and assess your individual situation.

Second, I will guide you on a search for your own causes for bone loss.

Third, with all this information in hand, I will develop your individualized comprehensive 10-step Better Bones, Better Body® Program.

We will cover every issue important to your bone health — The Alkaline for Life® diet, your ideal nutritional supplement program, detoxification and digestion issues, individualized bone-building exercises, stress reduction and emotional well being, and even integration of pharmaceutical bone therapies when appropriate.

To set up an appointment, call the Center for Better Bones at 1-888-206-7119. Consults are available over the phone or in person at the Center located in East Syracuse, NY. You can also complete our information request form and someone from my office will get back to you within three business days.

Learn more about my personal consultation services:

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