My Approach Is Based on a Few Fundamentals:

  • susanconsultsI start by assessing your individual case so that I can develop a plan that fits your particular needs.
  • My assessment of your individual case helps me determine the ways to maximize your nutritional support through the development of an alkaline diet and the use of supplementation, to introduce the right kinds of bone building exercise, and to detoxify the body while enhancing digestive strength.
  • I look for special causes for your bone health issues – like nutrient inadequacies, fluctuations in hormones and a weakened immune system. The good news is there are many ways to promote life-supporting nutrition and healthy hormone and immune function.
  • I work with you, and in some cases your doctor, to help sort out the appropriateness of prescription drugs when necessary.
  • And lastly, I show you how to measure the success of your Better Bones Program®, and help you determine if any adjustments to your program are necessary.

I know it may sound like there’s a lot to do – but many of my clients are surprised at how easy it is to make simple changes in their life that have a big impact on their health.

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