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For more than two decades, I have helped thousands of individuals improve their well-being through her personalized nutrition consultations, my publications, and my lectures.

Her are some testimonials from real women and men, just like you, who have used my personal consultation services, read my books, or listened to my presentations to restore their bones and maximize their health.

I consulted with Dr. Brown a few years ago about her program and followed her recommendations; changed my diet to get my pH levels where they should be, eliminating foods that drained minerals, took proper nutrients, minerals, supplements, raised my Vit D levels, exercise (mine was gardening and other heavier outdoor work) etc.

After 5 years I had another DEXA and the results were great.
My T-score for my spine had been -3.1 and this time it measured -0.8
My T-score for my femur had been -2.6 and this time it measured -1.3

I’m no longer (suffering from) osteoporosis but osteopenia and look forward to being in the normal range in the future!

“After less than a year on Dr. Brown’s recommended supplements, I just got back the results of my second DEXA. I no longer have osteoporosis (now osteopenia)! The doctors cannot believe it. Truth be told, I really didn’t do much strength training or weight-bearing exercise. Fosamax be damned. I couldn’t be more pleased. Many, many thanks.”
P.S., Fairfield, CT

“I participated in one of Dr. Brown’s studies and really enjoyed meeting the other women with osteoporosis. I really appreciated the additional information Dr. Brown gave us on nutrition and bone health. As a special bonus during this one-year study, I gained 5.1% bone mineral in my hip and 2.9% in my spine.”
M.E.S., Syracuse, NY

“I was very encouraged with Dr. Brown’s nutritional expertise. She helped me to fine-tune my already good eating plan and she helped me develop an excellent vitamin and mineral program. My blood test revealed a particular need for extra vitamin D, and I am delighted to report that now my vitamin D levels are only two points from the level we set as our goal for my particular situation. With Susan I found hope at last. Her compassion and expertise in treating my condition is like no other. Her approach is unique in that she considers my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs all together.”
N.W., Ithaca, NY

“After participating in the Better Bones Program for three years, my bone density increased to 1.166, about a 10% improvement.

“I am able to continue a fitness program and my scoliosis improved with physical therapy and nutrients.

“Thank you, Susan Brown, for all your help.”
A.F., Fayetteville, NY

“I discovered my very evident and irritating symptoms of premenstrual syndrome greatly, if not totally, disappeared along with my digestive abnormalities. After beginning my program, I experienced a great symptom-free month.”
D.P., Phoenix, NY

“About five years ago, I noticed a book in a health food store’s window entitled Better Bones, Better Body by Dr. Susan Brown. I have osteoporosis, so I purchased the book.

“I was impressed by Dr. Brown’s years of study and documentation. She had literally traveled the world to see how women in other cultures dealt with osteoporosis. Her findings moved her to write the book.

“At my first appointment with her, I was impressed with her friendliness and personal interest in me as a patient.

“She planned a detailed program for me. One of her firm points was that I must exercise. I knew I could not exercise due to fear of fracturing more vertebrae! Dr. Brown’s confident manner that I could — and must — exercise finally convinced me to try. She referred me to a physical therapist (who she knew would be careful with me), and I joined a fitness center. To my amazement, instead of hurting my back, it became stronger!

“Dr. Brown also planned a diet/supplement program specifically for me. After five years, I continue to follow this program, returning to her annually for any up-to-date changes she may find necessary.

“My bone density tests show that instead of decreasing, as is the case with most 77-year-old women, my bone density has now increased! I take no drugs of any kind. It is the result of following Dr. Brown’s excellent program.”
R.M., Auburn, NY

“I started researching osteoporosis and found your book [Better Bones, Better Body], which I purchased and read cover-to-cover very quickly. I refused to take Fosamax, and luckily my doctor agreed to let me do that if I promised to have another DEXA in a year to make sure I wasn’t rapidly losing bone.

“I started exercising, improving my diet, and supplementing based on your book and managed to put off the DEXA for two years instead of one. My second DEXA showed a stable reading. I am happy, my doctor is happy—and actually listening to me.

“I continue to learn and have increased my supplementation of vitamin D. I owe a lot to your book and website.”
S.B., Puslinch, ON, Canada

“I read Dr. Brown’s book, Better Bones, Better Body, and really appreciated her intelligent and yet user friendly presentation. She really helped me understand the bone loss process and to finally come to grips with how much diet and lifestyle can impact bone health. Given how much I liked her book, I was really excited to find that I could have a personal consultation with her.

“Although only in my mid-forties, I already had osteoporosis of the spine and near osteoporosis of the hip. In the first year working with Dr. Brown, I gained in spinal bone density and moved out of having “osteoporosis” to having osteopenia.”
K.D., Manlius, NY

“I’ve just devoured the Acid Alkaline Food Guide. What can I say, but thank you, thank you! The immediate and far-reaching effect it’s had on my health is remarkable. I wish the whole world could understand and see for themselves what a difference an alkaline diet makes. Please keep up the wonderful work, and please keep promoting diet as the most important aspect of health. It saddens me that our health industry is based on treating symptoms rather than getting to the root of the problem, which is often diet. Thank you for such a wonderful guide.”
M.H., Valpariso, IN

“Dr. Susan Brown takes the complex topic of acid-alkaline balance and makes it understandable. I’ve studied pH for a long time, but never before understood that it’s not the minerals in the food we eat that alkalizes us—it’s the alkaline salts that are attached to the minerals. She explains the science and then has the tools that make it easy for people to test and balance their own urinary pH levels with food and supplements. I highly recommend this class/lecture.”
L.L., Whitethorn, CA

“I am a health researcher from Canada, found your site… awesome! Filled with lots of good information… you saved me a lot of time. Thank you.”
A.B., Coe Hill, ON, Canada

“GREAT article on calcium! I would say it is the best and most comprehensive that I have seen on the subject. Too often, articles cover only one piece of the calcium and bone health puzzle, which is ultimately less than helpful. Thank you for taking the time and creating this wonderful document.”
C.M., Traverse City, MI

“I purchased The Acid-Alkaline Food Guide 3 months ago and it changed my life. In September of 2009, I started with a nutritionist who had spoken about pH balance, but I didn’t quite understand it until I read your book, and more importantly, put it to practice. Almost 50 lbs lost to date.”
D. K.

“Let me congratulate you as a contributor to the success of our Health Forum. Your presentation, Building Bones Strength at Any Age, was unique, informative and interactive. It was well received by all in attendance.”
J.M., Louisiana Pelican Classic, Lafayette, LA

“On behalf of the American Nutraceutical Association, I want to thank you for the excellent presentation, Eight Keys for Preventing Osteoporosis and Building Bone Strength, made at our Spring Continuing Medical Education Conference in Long Beach, CA. Your presentation was most comprehensive, lively, entertaining as well as educational.”
A.M., ANA, Birmingham, AL

To read more real stories from the real people we’ve helped, visit our Success Stories section of the site.

To set-up an appointment, call the Center for Better Bones at 1-888-206-7119. Consults are available over the phone and in person at the Center located in East Syracuse, NY. You can also complete our information request form and someone from my office will get back to you within three business days.

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