Where do hip fractures actually occur?

Fracturing a hip is one of the top fears of women who are concerned about their bone health. While one in six U.S. women will experience a hip fracture, you may not realize that not all parts of the hip are created equally when it comes to fracture frequency, causes and healing in the different areas.

In the following video, I use my skeleton friend, “Bone-a-parte,” to show you exactly where the four main types of hip fractures occur. When you look at your bone density reports you’ll notice that the density of several different parts of the hip has been measured. So when the report talks about the neck of the hip, the trochanter or the total hip, you’ll understand exactly what each of those means. I’ll also give you some key tips for avoiding fractures in the first place.

For more information about fractures, see my article “How to speed fracture healing” and for building strong bones through a natural approach, try my Better Bones Program.


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