No “one size fits all” approach for bone health

I recently had a conversation with a woman in her 40’s who insisted that I list for her the top three things she should avoid for better bone health.

Camel burdens

I told her that while I could certainly tell her the most common bone burdens, it would be much more effective if she could give some thought to what she feels are the greatest imbalances in her life — and then what she might do to make changes.

After all, we all have our own inner guide. When we feel good, we’re generally on the right path. And when we don’t, we often inherently understand what we need to change.

That’s why when I’m working with women, I don’t want to force them into a one-size-fits-all approach. I want them — and you — to think about the choices that make sense.

For example, if you have one cup of coffee a day and love it, well then, I’m probably not going to tell you it is a problem. However, if you tell me you drink the whole pot and feel terrible after you do it (like I do), I’ll tell you this is not a good idea!

And I’m going to ask you to start looking for ways to move away from bone-depleting routines — such as not getting enough sleep so that you “need” a pot of coffee in the morning.

I always remind women that our individual bone burden is made up of multiple factors — as you can see from the camel illustration. We’re all in different places and our lives are heading in different directions.

Anything you can remove or limit from the camel’s back will help your bones. Anything.

Take some time today to consider what your greatest individual bone burden might be. If it’s diet, stress and anxiety, lack of sleep or any other of the camel’s burdens, you can find information throughout this website to naturally improve bone health and prevent osteopenia and osteoporosis — on your own terms.


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