5 Intentions for a Healthy 2014

Jahr 2014

I believe in the magic of intentions. What we put our attention to has power and grows stronger in our lives. That’s why every New Year I set forth my intentions for the coming year and want to share them with you.

My list will give you a preview about what you can look forward to hearing from me throughout the year, and perhaps it will encourage you to develop your own list.

As you’ll see just by my first intention, 2014 promises to be an exciting and thought-provoking year!

Intention #1: Exploring the healing powers of happiness and love

Thousands of years ago ancient Christians noted, “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones” (Proverbs 17:22). Being happy, choosing optimism and cultivating love and kindness enhance every aspect of our health. While I admit that right now I have no idea how I’m going to do it, this year I intend to explore the multifaceted healing potential of love.

Intention #2: Moving beyond the myth of bone mineral density

I intend to continue to push the boundaries about what is considered the very basics of bone health. Clearly it is not just bone mineral density that determined bone strength. Over half of all those experiencing an “osteoporotic” fracture do not have what is considered “osteoporosis bone density” — so why is their bone weak? What determines bone strength beyond bone mineral density?

Intention #3: Connecting our emotions, thoughts and nervous system to bone health

Fascinating new research suggest that the autonomic nervous system and our stress response play major roles in bone health maintenance. Worry indeed seems to harm bone — and this year, I would like to find out just how much.

Intention #4: Sharing the truth about bone drugs

Women are told that this or that bone drug will reduce their chance of fracture by up to 60%. Yet when you look carefully at the clinical trials you find data such as three women need to be treated to in order to prevent just one hip fracture at a cost of $162,000.* My intention is to reanalyze the major bone drug trials from a public-interest point of view, sorting out the real facts on how much bone drugs reduce each type of osteoporotic fracture.

Intention #5: Improving natural options for women experiencing menopausal bone loss, especially thin women

The average woman loses 10% of her bone mass in years just before and just after her last period. Thin women often lose more than heavier women, and some women lose up to 20% of their total bone mass. Why is this so? Are their refinements I can make to the Better Bones approach which could even better meet the needs of women near menopause? I intend to find out!

Keeping intention #1 in mind, I wish you the best of health, high spirits and great joy in 2014!



The Lancet, Volume 349, Issue 9050, Page 505, 15 February 1997. Editorial on FIT Trial, by Adrian Phillips.



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