Need one more great reason to get vitamin D? Live longer!

One of my challenges as a blogger is how to get my message to stand out amid a sea of information. I generally prefer to stay away from sensational headlines and claims that you’ll lose 10 pounds in a week (no matter what the blog topic!), unlike so many other emails that clutter my inbox.

But in the case of vitamin D, I feel confident that urging you to get more vitamin D because you’ll live longer is not an exaggeration by any means. This is especially clear with a new large study that followed more than 5,000 people between the ages of 50-74 for more than nine years. Here’s what researchers found about the connection between vitamin D and the risk of death:

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The risk of overall mortality increased by a staggering 71% with vitamin D deficiency (level is less than 30 nmol/L / approximately 12 ng/mL). This includes 39% increased risk of cardiovascular mortality, 42% increased risk of cancer mortality and 150% increase in the risk of respiratory mortality.

The risk of overall mortality increased by 17% just with vitamin D insufficiency (between 30 to 50 nmol/L / approximately 12 ng/mL- 20 ng/mL) compared to those people who had sufficient vitamin D (as 25-hydroxyvitamin D, greater than 50 nmol/L / approximately 20 ng/mL)

How much is really enough (or not enough) vitamin D?

Let me remind you that, unfortunately, there is a wide range in the definitions of deficiency, insufficiency and sufficiency. So, when you look at the powerful results of this study, consider what the results could be if those followed had even higher levels of D, such as the 50-60 ng/mL blood level of 25(OH)D we strive for through supplementation and smart choices that are part of my Better Bones Package.



Schottker B, et al. 2013. Strong associations of 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentrations with all-cause, cardiovascular, cancer and respiratory disease mortality in a large cohort study. Am J Clin Nutr. 201April 2013, vol.97 no. 4 782-793. (accessed 07.22.13


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