My second annual green drink challenge

What a difference a year makes! Last October, I was inspired but more than a little skeptical that I would be able to mix up a tasty, mostly vegetable green drink.

Green smoothies made of fresh vegetables and fruits

Keeping this in mind, it’s time for my Second Annual Green Drink Challenge, so that I can see your latest ideas. Post your favorite recipe here in the comments section below and you’ll automatically be entered for a drawing to win a copy of the second edition (just published) of my Acid-Alkaline Food Guide. To help you get started, here’s a recipe from a coworker who has finally agreed to share! I like this one because it features bone-building super foods: blueberries, kale and Matcha (or maccha) green tea powder.

Richard’s Super-Food Smoothie

½ C filtered water

½ C coconut water (good source of potassium and magnesium)

½ C organic cherries (frozen)

½ C organic blueberries

1 C organic kale (I prefer baby kale)

1 C organic 50/50 romaine/spinach mix

1 tsp Matcha green tea powder 3-5 dashes of cinnamon (I prefer Ceylon cinnamon — it’s easier on the liver if you’re consuming it every day)

½ cup coconut kefir (or Greek yogurt if you can tolerate dairy)

Blend in blender until smooth.



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