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Better Bones Exercise for Osteoporosis Program

See what is happening this week on the Exercise Evolution!

This week on Exercise Evolution, we have a special guest! Dr. Brown’s nutrition assistant and avid gym goer, Heather, leads us through a fun, challenging, and creative workout using items that you can find around your house if you still can’t make it to the gym! No need to purchase an expensive elliptical machine or order up a weight set on Amazon.

How Much Is The Membership?


Get full access to the premiere bone-building workouts for less than the cost of 1 lunch!

Exercise Builds Bone

Our time-tested Better Bones, Better Body Program® works!  It works because we provide the body with everything it needs to build and maintain bone strength.  The Alkaline for Life Diet® giving pH balance, targeted nutritional supplementation, endocrine balancing and stress reduction, and digestion enhancements are all important building blocks of our successful program.

But no part or program is more important than exercise.

The health and strength of our skeleton is directly related to our level and type of physical activity.  Each bone grows stronger or weaker depending on the load put upon.  Even low-intensity regular physical activity promotes bone strength and reduces fracture risk.  At the other end of the scale, intense strength training builds bone density more than any drug therapy ever did.  Everyone can enjoy the bone building benefits of exercise and everyone can develop a personal bone-building exercise program suited to their body type, personal needs and desires.  With our new Exercise Evolution I have set out to bring you safe bone-building exercises that are accessible, fun, motivating and best of all…able to be done from the luxury of your own home!

Exercise indeed builds better bones and a better body and there is no better time than right now to take charge of your own personal life-supporting exercise.

Dr. Susan Brown, PhDDirector of the Center for Better Bones

What’s Included in Your Exercise Evolution Membership?

  • Bone-Building Exercise Videos

    Gain unlimited access to our growing Exercise Evolution archive of videos available on demand.  A new exercise video with Gina Galli RYT is available every Month for you to workout at your convenience.

  • Exercise & Diet Tracking Portal

    You will have access to this desktop and smartphone application which connects with your FitBit to log your exercise. You can also track and monitor your diet and pH readings to ensure you are getting the results you want!

  • Dr. Susan Brown’s Learning Library

    Access to supplemental educational videos on bone health & overall well-being from the Director of the Center for Better Bones, Dr. Susan Brown, PhD.

  • Community Sharing Page

    Get answers to your specific exercise and diet questions and support of our exercise experts as well as other Exercise Evolution members through our community sharing page. 

  • Exercise Evolution Digital Manual

    Get instant access to the Exercise Evolution Basics Digital Manual with videos: Your “how-to” series to get you started exercising safely for strong bones.