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The calcium controversy

By Dr. Susan E. Brown, PhD

It’s no wonder that women are confused about calcium, given the two messages we are hearing. First we hear that calcium is the single nutrient you need to build bones, and as a result, many women mistakenly load up on simple supplements of high-dose calcium. The second message warns that calcium is dangerous, and as a result, women stop taking it completely – another mistake!

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From our early research it was clear that taking calcium alone did not prevent fractures. I’m happy to see the growing awareness that a broader nutritional base is needed to support bone health.  You can read more about calcium, its role and the other key nutrients needed for bone health here.

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We created the Better Bones blog as our forum to express opinions and educate the public about natural means of supporting and improving bone health and overall wellness. As part of this forum, we sometimes discuss medical issues and medications, and their effects on bone health in general. However, we cannot advise readers about specific medical issues in this forum. If you wish to obtain advice from Susan E. Brown, PhD, about your specific bone health and nutritional concerns, please visit our Consultations page. Other specific medical questions should be referred to your healthcare provider.


November 30. 2015 15:51

Dear Dr. Brown,
I recently got the report that I have osteo in my spine and hip
I am 66, eat wholistically and do not use pharmaceuticals.
I have 5 lumbar in acute recovery as well.
I am hearing about Vitimin K and Strontium. I also hear that the Chinese have little osteo and they do not eat much dairy. I also hear that Collegen is what we need more than calcium.
Would you share the science and logic with me so that I can begin a regemin that will arrest, if not reverse, the osteo.
Thanks so much,
Luce Myers

Lucille J Myers

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