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Making your first fracture your last fracture

By Dr. Susan E. Brown, PhD

For many women, a fracture is the first sign of sub-optimal bone health — and it can be pretty scary!  I understand, which is why I always remind women that they have more control than they may realize to improve their bone health and to make their first fracture their last fracture.

Phyllis, a 59-year-old client from Michigan, is one wonderful example.  In my book, she has met with great success after deciding to take heart and take action.  Here’s her story:

How Phyllis discovered her osteoporosis: In the fall of 2010, at age 57, Phyllis had her first bone density test, inspired by a wrist fracture two years earlier. To her surprise, she found out she had osteoporosis of the hip and osteopenia of the spine.

Phyllis took action with the Better Bones approach

  • Daily supplementation. Taking supplements is one of the easiest steps to increase bone health. For Phyllis, the Better Bones Builder and Omega-3 combination was the best choice.
  • Creating pH balance. Through diet and our supplements she alkalized to help preserve bone.
  • Enjoying “social exercise.”  Phyllis expanded her exercise routine and came to see herself as a “social exerciser.” Not only did she feel much better with exercise, she also loved the community support and the social aspect of group exercise.

Remarkable results

  • Two years later her bone density test showed that she had gained bone — a whopping 19%, the trochanter part of the hip and nearly 7% in the total hip. The neck of the hip and the spine remained stable.
  • What’s especially remarkable is that at 59, most women would be losing about 1% of bone mass a year. Phyllis had actually either gained significant amounts of bone mass or remained stable, depending on the site analyzed.
  • Continuing success:  Phyllis is maintaining her gains and her bone density as a whole remained stable — defying the natural process of aging bone loss.  She also continues to search for hidden causes of bone weakening.

Do you have a success story you can share with us?  We would love to hear it!

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