Challenge 14: Visualization

susancircleEvery day is a new opportunity to grow and transform our body, mind and spirit.
When we slow down to listen to the wisdom within us — and in the world around us
— wonderful changes can occur.

To help you get started, I’ll share a weekly “Transformational Challenge” that can
bring both growth and joy into your life. I’ll also be focusing my attention on
the challenge right along with you, so I would love to hear about your experiences.

Yours in Health, Susan

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What we think about, we become.

Pick one aspect of your life (health, relationships, etc.) and visualize 3 qualities that you would like to develop in this area over the next year. Set aside 3 minutes each day this week to visualize your life with these qualities and watch them manifest.



Bonus: Set aside some time to watch Wayne Dyer speak about “Mastering the Art of Manifesting.”


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