Deep breathing for bone health: the simplest way to get started

I’ve written several posts about the importance of deep breathing for bone building – it helps you relax, reduces stress, and boosts any exercise routine. Another benefit I find is using deliberate, full breaths in the morning raises my level of energy and purpose. It’s like turning on my switch!

Still, many women tell me that deep breathing remains somewhat of a mystery to them, and ask: “Do I have to meditate?” “Do I have to do yoga?” and “How do I know that I’m doing it correctly?”

Deep breathing iStock_000001812611XSmall (2)That’s why I wanted to focus this blog post on the simplest way to get started —

Deep breathing and nothing else

Here’s what you can do:

• Sit comfortably and tighten and release your muscle groups — noting what it feels like to be relaxed.

• Begin to breathe slowly and normally through the nostrils. Notice how your normal breathing is generally quite shallow. Your next step is to begin breathing in and out more deeply, but not so deeply that you feel like you are forcing the breaths.

• Breathe even more deeply. Imagine that you have lungs in your belly and that you are creating a gap that you need to fill. Sink into that gap as you breathe in and out.

• Imagine how each breath is bringing in energy — visualize a bright light that’s powered by your breath. You are now letting go of any draining, heavy thoughts.

• Focus your mind in the direction of what you will accomplish — such as rest or energy building.

• Continue breathing.

Follow the breath ratio chart to relax, balance, energize

See how many seconds you should try to allow for each segment of breath in order to achieve your desired result:

At first, you may start with just 3-4 minutes and build up as you wish. I often take 20 minutes in the morning for deep breathing, as well as another 20 minutes the end of my work day. I consider my morning routine a way to gather my internal forces before I power up, and I use the peace of mind to set my intention for the day. At the end of the work day, I use the time to rest and regain my energy as well as to detox and purify, releasing the negative emotions of the day, as well as toxins and acids.

My daily breathing routine is about as simple as it can be, and I encourage you to try it – even right now if you can!

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