So frustrated you want to scream? Go ahead, it’s good for you!

The anthropologist in me has a long term fascination with ancient cross-cultural concepts of health and healing. And it turns out these concepts include screaming. That’s according to Qi Gong master, Dr. Nan Lu, whose retreat on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC) I attended recently.

How is screaming good for you?Scream_iStock_000006756675XSmall

TCM focuses on the energy and rhythms of specific areas — and organs — of our physical body. In TCM, there are five seasons and Master Lu explained to us that springtime is the season of the liver.

Liver energy likes to flow, but the energy that feeds the liver’s well-being can be obstructed by frustration. This is significant because Master Lu contends that most contemporary health problems in this country are related to the liver.

He recommends we turn springtime into a new start by learning to “go with the flow.” If we take the first step and recognize when we’re frustrated we can discharge it through movement and, yes, screaming. Of course, you shouldn’t start screaming at other people when you feel frustrated, but vocalizing loudly when you’re at home can release lots of tension very quickly.

More help for liver energy: Try the simple, cleansing Tree Shake

Here’s a movement exercise that can free up your liver energy. Stand tree-like, nice and tall and then swoop your body down toward the floor and come up shaking like a tree in the wind. Shake around like a tree that knows how to go with the flow because it can sway in the wind without resisting and becoming rigid. And then as your outstretched fingertips reach toward the sky like the tree’s highest branches, gather up all your frustration and release it with a whopping scream.

Just by using the Tree Shake, I’ve learned to recognize and free myself from frustration with a powerful, therapeutic verbal release. My liver energy is all better for it and I am reminded that all is well. Oh yes, I do warn my staff and household members not to worry about the screams. It’s just my healthy way of saying goodbye to frustration.

Now go ahead and try it! Here’s a one minute video of Dr. Lu demonstrating the Tree Shake for Liver Cleansing.


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