How to overcome your fear

iStock_000000330337XSmallLove and fear are the only two basic emotions according to ancient wisdom. Love expands, strengthens and feels good. Fear contracts, weakens and carries a feeling in the various ranges of terrible.

Both love and fear dramatically influence our physical health… even our bone health.

Ironically, today the message modern medicine brings women about their bone health is a debilitating and fearful message.

Keeping this is mind, I want to remind you that fear is most often a mental construct we create ourselves, and that we have the power to let go of fear and move towards love.

Here’s how I set aside bone-depleting fear messages

When fear strikes, acknowledge the feeling and the contraction it brings. Stop and take note, “Oh yes, I can feel the rising of anxiety and/or fear.”

Accept this unpleasant feeling. Accept the presence of this emotional and physical sensation. Observe “the feel” of anxiety, such as the pit in your stomach or other sensations.

Welcome this old familiar feeling like a lost friend who brings a lesson. Take a few deep breaths and create a space between you and this feeling, just witness it without pushing it away or judging it. Let it be for a few moments as you note how fear feels in your body.

Now let this unpleasant feeling dissipate. Feel the space between you and the fear. Affirm that you are not the fear. Gently let go of the fear.

Willfully direct your intention towards the energy of love. See yourself as an important and protected thread in the tapestry of life. Affirm on the deepest level that all is well.

Love truly is the creative force behind the universe, the source from which we all come. Love and joy have an incredible capacity to heal as noted in this verse “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones” (Proverbs 17:22).

Love to you all!

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