Quick, bone-building breakfast ideas

I was amazed to read recently about a major cereal company struggling to develop new, more convenient (and profitable) breakfast products. That must mean sitting down with a box of cold cereal and milk in the morning has become too time-consuming for many Americans!

Cup of tea

I’m all for rethinking breakfast choices, but to be honest, I don’t have high hopes that the big brands are going to come up with options that are full of bone-building, alkalizing nutrients and low in white sugar, refined grains or any of the multitudes of artificial flavors and colors.

So if you are time-crunched in the morning, try one of my own ideas for quick, healthy breakfast options:

• Replace coffee and sodas with alkalizing beverages such as lemon water, ginger tea, herbal coffee substitute, herbal tea, fresh vegetable juice or miso broth

• A hearty bean, vegetable or meat soup from the night before

• A grapefruit topped with a bit of honey, sprinkled with cinnamon with 6-8 walnuts

• Rice cakes or crackers with almond butter and a piece of fruit

• Fruit smoothies — a handful of bok choy added to a blueberry smoothie won’t change the color or taste, and will boost your intake of calcium-rich leafy greens

• Leftovers — my coworker often starts her day with spicy lentil stir fry

More delicious and convenient breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options are included in the 30-day meal plan as part of my Better Bones Package. If the cereal companies are listening, they are welcome to use my ideas!


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