Challenge 7: Honor Mother Earth

susancircleEvery day is a new opportunity to grow and transform our body, mind and spirit.
When we slow down to listen to the wisdom within us — and in the world around us
— wonderful changes can occur.

To help you get started, I’ll share a weekly “Transformational Challenge” that can
bring both growth and joy into your life. I’ll also be focusing my attention on
the challenge right along with you, so I would love to hear about your experiences.

Yours in Health, Susan

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Give back to Mother Earth as she gives to you.

This week’s transformational challenge is to take a bag on your daily walk and pick up any trash you might see lying around. You might be surprised to see others follow your lead and start doing the same!



Bonus: Each time you pick up a piece of trash, take a moment to note the beauty of Mother Nature and how much nicer she looks without the litter!

And listen to Mother Nature.


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