Why you should be excited about Functional Medicine

There’s an exciting change taking place in medicine that’s been a long time coming!  Instead of focusing on drugs as the answer to everything, many doctors are realizing that a new approach — called Functional Medicine — is a better approach to health.  I couldn’t agree more, and here’s why:

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine sets itself apart from conventional medicine by:

  • Focusing on uncovering the causes any health problem rather than just treating symptoms with a pharmaceutical agent.  I use the Functional Medicine approach when I ask about the causes of a woman’s excessive bone loss, rather than first suggesting a drug.
  • Looking at how the different body systems work together and teaching physicians to look for the causes of disease.
  • Being a more patient-centered approach.
  • Encouraging doctors to seek natural remedies for the recovery of full health. Doctors who practice Functional Medicine place diet and lifestyle in high regard, know the detrimental effects of stress, and are often willing to partner with their patients to develop a strategy for health recovery.

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Sarika Arora, MD of the Aum Healing Center in Boston. Dr. Arora is an internist who also practices Functional Medicine.  You might enjoy my chat with her and see that, indeed, medicine is changing, and it’s coming in our direction!

Functional Medicine and bone health

If you have experienced a needless fracture, have been told you have a high risk of fracture, or have been needlessly frightened about your bone health, consider seeking out and consulting with a doctor trained in looking for the root causes of your bone health concern. Find a physician who is willing to look at your situation carefully and to order the appropriate medical tests to help you uncover any hidden causes of bone loss.

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