My favorite detox techniques — for the body

I am often asked what I do to detoxify. I think this has much to do with the perception that detoxification is somehow “mysterious” or “complicated” even though many of the simplest and most effective techniques have been embraced for thousands of years.

My detoxification repertoire is quite expansive. Although you might not use the same techniques as I do, I am sure each of you benefits from your own detox strategies. If you have room for one or two more, you might be inspired to try out a few of my routines.

7 simple detox tips to try now

Alkaline for Life® detox: The foundation for any sound purification program is eating life-supporting whole foods and avoiding acid-forming ingredients like sugar, sodas, caffeine, food additives, and preservatives. Identifying and eliminating foods to which you’re allergic or hypersensitive can provide dramatic benefits including better digestion, weight control, and decreased joint or muscle pain. Speaking for myself, I find elimination of gluten, corn, and most dairy brings an immediate benefit.

Drinking hot water: Drinking hot water helps support digestion and hydration, two key factors for detoxification.

Skin brushing: It is worth noting that our skin is our largest and one of the most active organs in the body. Every minute old skin cells die and new one are created. Using a vegetable fiber brush over the entire body removes dead cells and stimulates new cell growth. Brush your skin while standing on a cloth and you will notice just how many flakes of old skin are removed.

Sesame oil massage: My favorite skin practice is giving myself a full body massage with warm sesame oil just before my morning shower. This Ayurvedic practice nourishes and detoxifies the skin while calming the entire nervous system. If you want exact details on how this sesame oil massage was traditionally done, see Deepak Chopra’s book Perfect Health.

Detox mineral bath: Just add 1/2 cup each of baking soda and Epsom salts to your bath water and soak. I’ll sometimes add a few tablespoons of sesame oil if my skin feels dry. This mineral bath releases toxins from the skin and provides a relaxing environment.

Nasal lavage: Use nasal rinse at the first sign of allergy or sinus symptoms. You can buy a nasal wash spray bottle with the needed alkaline salt packet at most pharmacies, or you can make your own using ¼ tablespoon each of baking soda and non-iodized salt per 8 ounces of warm water (the mixture can be poured into your nasal passages with a neti pot or even a small teapot).

Purifying herbal teas, veggie juices, and supplemental antioxidants: Many herbs are wonderful for detoxifying the blood and bowel. I often enjoy red clover tea, a well-recognized blood purifier, and a daily juice made of fresh carrots and green vegetables to support the liver — my detox powerhouse. Additionally, I consume a good balance of the supplemental antioxidants provided in the Better Bones supplements. I also use a generously buffered ascorbate (a special alkalizing form of vitamin C) for antioxidant and detox support.

Most of what I’ve described above focuses on physical detoxification, but negative emotions can be toxic to bones and overall health, too! I have a routine to limit my exposure to toxic emotions that I’ll share with you in a future blog.

Remember, purification leads to progress, even if it is just one small step at a time!


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