2 minute plan for aging well

Aging well in 2015: My 2-minute plan

With the start of 2015, I’m reminded that with the passage of each year comes the opportunity to age well.

One great way to do this is with the exploration and maximization of our vast inner resources.

Below are simple techniques I’ll be using in 2015 to tone up and energize my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions.

Why not give them try?

1. Breathe with awareness — deeply and slowly.

For just 2 minutes, twice a day, create a rejuvenating state of physical, emotional and mental rest. This is your ultimate energetic and creative source. Here’s how:

• Sit quietly and breathe deeply and gently for a count of 4

• Hold for 2 counts

• Exhale for 4 counts

• Pause for another 2 counts

• Put all your attention on the in and out movement of the breath

Release any thoughts that might come to your mind and aim to experience the stillness deep within. Whatever feelings or emotions come up acknowledge them and let them go.

2. Stop and listen to what your mind is saying.

Our thoughts are powerful sources of creation and attraction. Many times, however, it appears as though “our thoughts are thinking us”, instead of us deliberately choosing our thoughts. Vibrant and healthful aging is greatly enhanced by first recognizing our chronic thought patterns, and then eventually transforming them to be truly life supporting.

3. Check into your emotional status.

Our emotions — those we acknowledge and those deeply hidden away in our psyche — are often the hidden directors of our thoughts. Sit for 2 minutes, twice daily, and ask yourself, “What am I feeling right now?” In a few days, patterns of emotions will arise. Recognizing these is the first step. Then deliberately chose a more positive emotion. Choose love over fear, forgiveness over anger, compassion over criticism or judgment, light heartedness over pessimism, possibility over limitation. Say yes to life.

Wishing you the very best this year.


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