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by Dr. Susan Brown, PhD.

Woman shopping at a summer farmer's market

Early summer superfoods for osteoporosis

There are so many reasons why we should eat fresh whole foods in season, and it’s even better if we select foods that strengthen and support our bones. As we enter summer, I want to share with you some of my favorite seasonal foods that fit the criteria of “superfoods” for bones — and I […]

woman looking at her T score and Z score

The infamous T score and neglected Z score

I bet most of the Better Bones community have heard of the infamous bone density T score. But I suspect that few understand what the T score means, and even fewer know about the hidden value of the Z score. Contrary to popular (mis)understanding, the T score does not measure fracture risk or indicate that […]

thin women and bone fracture

Helping thin women reduce their fracture risk

The saying,  “You can never be too rich or too thin” is definitely not true when it comes to bone health! It’s well established that women with low body weight have lower bone density and are at increased risk for many types of fracture. Let’s better understand this link between body weight and fracture risk and then […]

different osteoporosis treatment for men and women

Dear doctor, please treat me like a man

Our skeletons were meant to last a lifetime, so when they show signs of not living up to this promise, we need to stop and ask ourselves, “What’s causing bones to weaken?” Seems only logical, right? While this is how thoughtful osteoporosis treatment begins, having spoken with thousands of individuals diagnosed with osteoporosis, I can’t help but notice […]

Mediterranean diet

Is the Mediterranean diet good for bones?

There is an amazing amount of research on the Mediterranean diet and its benefits for health, so naturally I get some questions about whether it’s good for bone health, too. A brand new meta-analysis suggests that we can emphatically say it’s molto buoni [very good] for bones as well as the rest of the body […]

woman walking in nature

Walking on Earth

Become a Patron! “The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground.” – The Buddha Now that winter is finally over — after what seems like forever — more and more of us are getting outside and being active. It’s a time that I like to go for walks to watch the world wake up from […]

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