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by Dr. Susan Brown, PhD.

osteopenia treatments

Osteopenia Treatments — What Works?

Women often come to me looking for help with osteopenia treatments, and I’m happy to oblige — but usually I have to clear up a few misconceptions first. The biggest one is that there’s automatically something “wrong” just because they were told they had osteopenia after a routine bone scan. “If it ain’t broke, don’t […]

grandmother protecting children's bone health

Are we setting kids up for osteoporosis?

Recent studies point to a worrisome trend: children and young adults, especially girls, have become a great deal more sedentary in recent years, and it’s affecting their health. And while most of these studies talk about the short-term impacts this has — rising obesity and increased depression and anxiety being among them — I wonder […]

What is the difference between osteopenia and osteoporosis?

Become a Patron! Some clients come to me wondering about the difference between osteopenia and osteoporosis. Often, they have just been told that their “diagnosis” of osteopenia means they need bone drugs to prevent a life-altering fracture. I’m not surprised by their confusion, because most physicians are just as confused when it comes to fracture […]

bone nutrients

7 top nutrients for bone health

Become a Patron! “But I have always taken my calcium and vitamin D! Why do I have osteoporosis? “   This is what I often hear from frustrated and disappointed women who have just been told about the results of their declining bone density measurements.  The misconception here is that there are only a small number […]

vitamin K as mk-7

MK-7 is a super nutrient for your bones AND your heart 

Become a Patron! There are so many nutrients that contribute to bone health, but one that fascinates me is a form of Vitamin K2 called MK-7. This “super nutrient” is found in select foods and is a great compound to help improve bone health and — as more and more research shows — heart and […]

high-intensity exercise for bone

High-intensity resistance training for bone offers amazing results

Become a Patron! One thing we know about bone is that it responds to increased weight load by getting stronger. So the recent findings of an Australian bone clinic that studied women doing high-intensity weight lifting really shouldn’t surprise us. But just look at these results! What happens when older women weight lift? The clinic […]

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