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by Dr. Susan Brown, PhD.

A look at osteopenia treatment

Osteopenia is the condition in which bone density is somewhat less than a “standard” young person of the same sex. It is not a true diagnosis, nor is it a disease; it is simply a state of relatively low bone mass.

The causes are not always related to bone loss; if you never developed a high peak bone mass during your youth, you could have lifelong osteopenia. Similarly, if you are not a young person, you will not be likely to have the same bone mass as somebody who is young.

Low bone density is one risk factor for osteoporotic fracture; however, having osteopenia doesn’t mean you will have a fracture. In fact, studies suggest that well over half of those who suffer a low-trauma “osteoporotic” fracture do not have an osteoporotic bone density; rather they have “osteopenia” or even normal bone density.  There is much more involved in the equation.

While childhood and adolescence are the best times to build strong bones, there are ways to halt and even somewhat reverse bone loss in adulthood. Contrary to what you might have heard, calcium is not a panacea. There are many other nutrients that play a role in bone health and, in fact, the societies with the highest calcium intakes also have the highest rates of osteoporosis.




Natural treatment for osteoporosis

It’s just not true that osteoporosis can only be treated with drug therapy. A natural program of nutritional and lifestyle changes can be as or more effective as drug therapy in rebuilding bone. And it comes without side effects. What’s more, it lasts longer—the drugs only affect your bones while you’re taking them, but changes to your diet and lifestyle can last a lifetime!

Natural treatment for osteoporosis begins with adequate nutrition. If you are currently losing bone, it’s important that you understand the value of the proper acid-alkaline balance for bone health and how to maximize your nutrient intake. I also recommend minimizing bone-depleting factors, as described in our Total Load Model.

Natural osteoporosis treatment also involves a practical, individualized bone-strengthening exercise program, since exercise is an important method for building strong bones at any age.

As part of an overall life-supporting program, you should also build digestive strength, and learn how to enhance the strength of your endocrine glands. It’s also good to develop a program to enhance your immunity and reduce overall inflammation, since osteoporosis is now believed to be an inflammatory disorder.

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