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Quiz: How well do you know the factors of bone fracture risk?

According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, up to one-half of women age 50+ will experience a bone fracture during the remainder of their lifetime. This means a lot of women will fracture, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with the better-documented fracture risk factors. Over the years, researchers have tried to quantify how much any factor increases the risk of bone fracture. Test your knowledge by taking this little quiz on 7 major risk factors — then check our chart below for the full list!

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Chart: Top 7 bone fracture risk factors

Our quiz was just a fun way to enter this topic, but here’s a chart that you should take to heart. Look over the top 7 risk factors for bone fracture, ranked by risk ratio. This measure of “relative risk” represents the likelihood of a certain event happening in one group compared to the risk of the same event happening in another group.

Risk factorRisk ratio
Glucocorticoids (steroids)2.31
Parental hip fracture2.27
Low BMI (20 vs. 25)1.95
Rheumatoid arthritis1.95
Prior fragility fracture1.85
Current smoking1.84
High alcohol intake1.68

Are you concerned about risk factors that may be present in your life? Begin by assessing your personal health and lifestyle factors with our free Bone Health Profile. As we at the Center for Better Bones like to say, “It is never too late to begin building and rebuilding bone strength.”

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