Increased fracture risk with heartburn drugs

Over the years I have written about the many studies documenting an increase risk of fracture among those using strong medications for heartburn.  In 2010 the FDA issued a warning that indeed fracture risk is increased by use of proton pump inhibitor heartburn medications.  As of today, the FDA mandates that these drugs carry a label warning of increased fracture risk.  This group of blockbuster antacid drugs includes Prevacid, Prilosec, and Nexium.

The FDA suggests those taking prescription proton pump inhibitors consult with their doctors and those using such drugs over-the-counter limit their use to no more than three 14-day periods a year.

I suggest that those with digestive issues work to seek and correct the cause of acid indigestion.

Causal factors can include:

• food sensitivities
• weakened digestion
• imbalanced intestinal flora
H. pylori overgrowth in the stomach
• stress

One way to begin is by keeping a food diary charting the relationship between heartburn and your diet.  I have also seen many cases of heartburn resolve with my simple Ten steps to stronger digestion guidelines.

Keep your gut happy and your bones will thank you!


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