Building community to build bone

Community is a powerful force for change — and all the better if the community is one that learns and shares together.

I recently became a fan of one such group — The Bone Girls Club of Tucson, Arizona — and wanted to tell others about their inspiring story.

While it began as a group of women exercising together who found they all had an interest in bone health, the Bone Girls Club has blossomed into a self-education community with a Facebook presence with international followers.

After I noticed this club was sharing my Facebook posts, I gave them a call to learn more.

What does the Bone Girls Club do?

What started out as a “let’s learn and share” group has turned out be a significant force for bone health advocacy.

Meeting twice a month, they discuss research articles on osteoporosis and bone health, and share tips, recipes, and their own success stories. Occasionally there’s an invited speaker, but mostly they read research/educational articles and share their insights. I’m impressed that they aren’t shy about tackling the more obscure causes of bone loss. In fact, they are currently researching how an overactive parathyroid causes bone loss and what to do about it.

A model of self-empowerment

To me the Bone Girls Club is a model of self-empowerment. One woman — one dynamic woman named Sandi — got the ball rolling after a horrendous experience with bone drug–induced fracture. (Nine years on Fosamax for osteopenia led to the development of osteoporosis and two insufficiency fractures of the sacrum and another of the pelvis.)

This painful experience propelled Sandi into taking charge of her bone health. She began learning and sharing with others all she could about osteoporosis, bone drugs, the causes of bone loss, and bone health recovery.

How you can get started

No one cares about your bone health as much as you do, so consider taking charge. Read, learn, explore, and share what you learn! A simple way to begin right now is to forward this blog to a friend to start the conversation about natural bone building. You might also begin by picking another article or blog here or from the Bone Girls Facebook page and discuss it with a friend or two. Who knows what will happen!

May is National Osteoporosis Awareness & Prevention Month

You can celebrate May as National Osteoporosis Awareness & Prevention Month with the May Better Bones Challenge. Each day, we give you a option to build your bone health by eating well, moving, learning or restoring. Look for the icons at the bottom of the calendar for an explanation of what each icon means.

Creating community is a powerful and fun way to learn, educate, and build bone!


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