From fear to empowerment

What is it that allows someone to look at a difficult, even life-threatening, event as a source of empowerment, instead of being overcome with fear? Allow me to introduce you to Carole Baggerly, the founder of Grassroots Health, a nonprofit organization focusing on public education and health advocacy through vitamin D use and research.

carole_portrait_0709-trimCarole’s amazing story starts with a diagnosis of both breast cancer and osteoporosis. She says she “reached the same freezing point the public now has — I didn’t know what to do.”

However, instead of staying frozen fear, Carole was driven to find out everything she could about vitamin D and cancer. Her research convinced her that the public needed to know about the benefits of vitamin D.

Now, Carole has become a true leader of the movement to show and share the true power of vitamin D, despite what certain government organizations or pharmaceutical companies may say about it.

I invited Carole to lecture here in Syracuse. She was just beginning to go on the road to raise public awareness about vitamin D and bringing together experts interested in helping the public. What I recall most about Carole was dynamism and her commitment to spreading the word on the new, life-saving, science of vitamin D.

Now we can all share in the results of Carole’s efforts through weekly webinars featuring vitamin D researchers who use their expertise to answer questions submitted by participants. View all Grassroots video webinars at


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