Welcome to the Osteo Blast (now the Better Bones Blog!)

Greetings to all,

Some of you might be wondering why you have not heard from me for several months—no newsletters, few e-mail notices. Well, over the past year I have been very busy writing numerous new articles for our redesigned web site, betterbones.com. My goal was, and is, to produce the world’s most informative and useful website on natural bone health. I am very pleased with the new site and hope you like it too. I would love to hear your comments.

In these new articles, I’ve tried to share the many exciting developments in the field of bone health and to capture some of the things we know about bone health that are in contrast to the conventional wisdom about osteoporosis. One article that I’d like to share with you now is a summary of 10 major common myths about osteoporosis. In this article, “It’s More Than Just Thin Bone—The Top 10 Myths about Osteoporosis,” and on my entire web site, I work to sort fact from fiction, helping you to better understand the true nature, causes, and best prevention and treatment of osteoporosis and osteopenia.

It is great to be back in touch with you. I will be writing this blog every two weeks, highlighting the new science of bone health. Let me know what you think of the “The Top 10 Myths about Osteoporosis” and my new betterbones.com website.